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A Haiku. A Poem. A Haiku.

Up the Blue Mountains (Haiku)

Scenic drives we love

There is much to discover

Endless stretch of roads


Lush national parks

Wind through beautiful forests

Gorgeous wineries


Flora and Fauna

And incredible wildlife

Blue Mountains we go!


Going to the Blue Mountains (Poem)

“Discovered blue mountains through its rainforest greens”

That I said two years ago

Who would have thought, we’d be here again

An adventure of Sydney living has just commenced

Gravel, steps and rocks to climb

Hiking and trekking in our spare time

It’s quite unreal, finding hidden waterfalls

Just outside the city, two-hour drive in all

Now there are options

A mountain, cave or coast

Beautiful captures

For Instagram’s winning post


A Haiku.

I love a Haiku

No need for the rhyme-y stuff

Freeform at its best

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