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T-Minus 62 days - Dark Days Are Coming

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

7 March, 2021 | 10:45pm

Not sure I can do this blogging thing. It’s more therapeutic writing (pen to paper) into my Moleskine journal about my everyday musings and all things frivolous like weight gain or loss, what I ate or didn’t, what I did or am going to do (the next day).

This. This blogging is a whole ‘nother level about moving out of the country. Essentially, moving out of our comfort zone. Was still hurting on Saturday morning from the deep and somewhat long talk we had on Friday night about what else - the move. Started to ask ‘why’ a lot more than ‘why not’, and that’s not looking like a good sign.

Took me a long time to mentally prepare myself for this move, but realising even with all the mental prep I’ve given myself, the emotional readiness isn’t there and that’s the toughest part. Exactly what our friend, Belle (who migrated to freaking Canada in Covid times) warned. She’s had her dark days, and saying that is of no help to me, knowing we have dark days ahead. Who needs that? WARNING. DARK DAYS AHEAD.

Ready? :|

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