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T-minus 26 - Hold on, slow down

I can feel my stomach churning. It's only 10.35am and already,

1. We've gone ahead to confirm our tenant.

2. Revenue NSW has approved our quarantine waiver (yay but omg it's happening)

3. I've been informed that my official last working day is 27th April and it's a HALF DAY - not that but it's sooner than expected.

It's increasingly scary drawing closer to the date. We've been very much in our own heads (or at least I have) about what needs to be done. Checking off the list of to-dos, aside from meeting friends and family, consciously making appointments to use up all my packages - get a facial, thread those brows, wax, trim hair, clean nails, get a massage in for my back, get nagged by dentist, get my eyes checked out, purchase new glasses, order a year's worth of contact lenses, find time to see my 'omie in the hospital and most of all, work on a proper handover + conduct a wish granter workshop next week - HELP! Slow time, time!

Gotta run, because time has sped up and Lexus needs to get his ears and skin reviewed at the vet. See what I mean - ahhhh!

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