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Quarantine Day 1: Setting Up

Updated: May 19, 2021

Let's get started.

There's something exciting about setting up. Maybe it's a form of release for us after the stress of struggling to cram everything into our luggage to finally get it all out. Or maybe it's because we brought a ton of good stuff that we couldn't wait to send them all around the house. Here's a snapshot of what we brought:

A Dyson vacuum cleaner (with attachments), a Dyson hair dyer, Nintendo Switch, Ring Fit Adventure ringcon, Nintendo Classic Mini, Google Home, Google Chromecast, two yoga mats, three yoga towels, two foam rollers, exercise gym ball (yes, the giant one), air pump, two tennis balls, massage ball, yoga belt, a knitting kit (wool & needles), seven books, two activity books, a set of coloring pencils, two iPads, two laptops, Apple Pencil, photo frames, diffuser, bottles of essential oils, chopping board, a knife, cutlery, two large plates, six cups, two smaller plates, one 2-in-1 board game.

We definitely came ready to play. And now you can understand why packing was so challenging because all of the above plus all our clothes, shoes, and whatever else had to go into four luggages each weighing no more than 32kg because...

32kg is the baggage handler limit. ~ Chien Han (Friend)

So day 1 was spent mostly unpacking and sending out all the good stuff we brought from home all over the house. Plugging in HDMI cables, trying to get the Google Home and Chromecast to work, reuniting pieces together like finding a Dyson plastic attachment in a sports pant pocket from our last minute desperate packing, and declaring official zones in the apartment such as Activity Table:

Activity Table where activities happen

And exercise corner:

It was all pretty exciting to set up our home for the next 14-days. Even lunch was exciting to receive but in hindsight was actually pretty drab. Not sure why we ate that. Ice cream was sweet but decent though.

Lunch was a limp chicken wrap, ice cream, and snacks

We watched some Aussie TV, breathed in some fresh air, played Hyrule Warriors on Switch, took a nap, squeezed in some exercise, had a frozen dinner that was delivered to us. Overall, it was a pretty positive, surreal day for the both of us. To suddenly find ourselves in a whole new country and environment. I think it's also surreal because we've never ever had 14-days planned out like this before.

Am I/we loving it? Not too sure yet but there's really not much to complain about since we have a great space filled with all our home luxury items. It'll take some time for us to settle in and for now, I'm pretty sure we've not fully recovered from the build up of move fatigue. No worries though, there are another 13 days for us to reboot and recharge.

Day one check ✅

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