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Quarantine Day 10: Things We Like About Today.

#1: It's DAY 10 of quarantine! Let the countdown begin!

#2: It's a nice and sunny day! Always better having fresh air and sunshine.

#3: Gabe surprised me with gifts! Just Gabe being Sweet Gabe, sent fresh smelling flowers + a handy hand cream + a too-sweet smelling body lotion and a reminder we're doing alright.

#4: Lunch was a repeat Poke Chicken Bowl that I'm happy with! Saved the extra dressing for cucumber-eating so that was a win-win.

#5: Enjoyed a video call & broke sweat with go-to-workout friend (Ling)! Always a good session.

#6: NEW Les Mills workout is exciting! Thanks to Ling's recommendation, I am now subscribed to the 14-day free trial. *Set reminder to cancel when over*

Side note: Gabe didn't manage his 500m increase so there will be no screen grab of his workout.

#7: MACCAS dinner was awesome! Doh. Gabe had a triple cheese burger (zomg), while I had the bbq bacon angus which was only too large. Gabe gobbled that too and I enjoyed our 10-piece nuggets with mustard and more bbq sauce. Mmm mmm...but daymn I miss you, curry sauce!

#8: Dinner movie was a success! Nothing like continuation of a good series,

#9: Scheduled a call in with Make-A-Wish Australia! It's nice to get in touch with MAW family.

#10: All in all, day went by quickly, didn't feel like a drag.

An easy day 10 check ✅

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