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Quarantine Day 11: Reflections

Day 11 going into day 12 sounds about the right time to reflect on what we/I've learnt from our time in luxury captivity.

#1: Everyone finds a way

We try to make the best of every situation. And it's not just us, we spotted this other captive person doing laps at his balcony. Too bad he hasn't discovered the lengthwise running route from door to balcony that has a more decent runway.

A reminder of what could have been our room instead

Even captives in regular hotel rooms whose windows don't open and the space is limited find a way to survive and even thrive in those difficult environments. No matter what the situation is, everyone finds a way.

#2: The right company

I've said it in another post but having the right company if you're going into 14 days of quarantine is important. And it's still the case on day 11 and I hope day 1,000 and beyond.

So far Sarah has been great company and we automatically take on different tasks at home. She does the laundry and takes out the trash. I do the dishes, warm up food, and do water duty to keep both of us hydrated.

I even got some flowers sent to our room because I'm awesome and she is blessed to have me. haha!

Day 11 dinner from Ramen Dragon

#3: Food matters

We take it for granted in Singapore with hawker food being cheap and readily available. Mum's food in the east. Nearly the entire range of fast food at Tiong Bahru Plaza. Great tze char food everywhere. And Rasa (My one true love for those who know).

Being in quarantine and getting sent frozen food and sandwiches everyday underscores the importance of food and how it can change moods. Fast food yesterday made me extremely happy and today's ramen dinner was pretty good as well.

On a side note, not sure why Asian restaurants here tend to take on stereotypical names like Ramen Dragon, Mr Wong's Chinese, or Dim Sim King. Whereas in Singapore you get normal names like Ippudo or 126 Dim Sum.

Can't see it from here but that'a a rare Super Blood Moon

#4: What a privilege

Tonight Australia had a front row view to a rare Super Blood Moon that took place around 9pm. Here's how one media outlet broke the news:


Anyway, we managed to check it out from our balcony, as did the other captive people in nearby blocks. It was quite the sight seeing something happen so far out in space. Here's how a Super Blood Moon happens:

Can you believe we're here in Sydney? ~ Sarah

It still feels surreal at times to be out at night in the cool night air looking at a Super Blood Moon in Sydney with my wife. I'm sure there'll be other surreal moments after this and today's realisation that we are very blessed to have been able to make this move with the support of friends and family, finding work, getting a good quarantine experience, and just experiencing this is a privilege we should appreciate more.

We can only hope the Covid situation in Singapore flattens and the travel bubble comes back to life as this whole experience would be more amazing if we could share it with our loved ones.

Day 11 check ✅ and in the bag.

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