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Quarantine Day 13: Lucky 13

Have you ever been woken up by a phone call to inform you that nurses are on their way to swab you? It's not the most pleasant start to the day.

Not the best way to start the day

Today's swab test is a rite of passage to graduate from quarantine because this is the final test before they let us out tomorrow. That is assuming either of us don't have Covid. And we better not have Covid because 1) It's Covid. 2) Our quarantine will get extended for another 7 or 14 days. 3) Everyone on our hotel level gets their quarantine extended by 7 days. Yes, it's actually happened before to other travellers and people broke down after hearing the news. #RESEARCH

So after a lovely swab test (Three times so far in two weeks), here's what our day 13 looked like.

Spoiler alert: It looks largely the same as the last 12 days.

Morning work calls for me

Today was a typical, sunny day in Sydney. Suns up, Covid tests done, quarantine ends tomorrow. By the time my calls were done, it was time for lunch in a brown bag which wasn't too bad.

Beef Poke Bowl. Swapped out the beef for leftover fried pork from yesterday's Thai takeaway

Everything looks good in the sun ~ Sarah



We both worked out in the late afternoon. Sarah had Zoom yoga at 3pm which went well from what she tells me. I had to barricade myself in the room so my TYPING and BREATHING wouldn't affect her concentration.

I did another indoor run. Hopefully the last indoor run for a long, long time. I stopped every now and then to pack up the apartment so my heart rate was all over the place.

Dinner was extremely sad to the point where we didn't bother to take photos. I had Indomie in a cup (Aussie thing) while Sarah had leftover Tom Yum soup topped up with hot water with noodles followed by snacks and several rounds of desserts.

Tonight's dinner movie was the Devil Wears Prada which is still very watchable and the classic phrase from it really sums up our day 13 and hopefully our quarantine as a whole.

Day 13 check ✅ One more day to go!

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