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Quarantine Day 2: Settling in

For the first time in a long time, we both slept in and day 2 of quarantine started after 12pm.

Waking up late was probably a combination of jet lag (+2 hours ahead of Singapore), a comfy bed, and two exhausted people still recovering from the hectic move.

Breakfast and lunch typically gets delivered together in a brown paper bag with a knock on the door and one by one, the quarantine animals from each room start to emerge to pick up their food.

Breakfast comes in a ziplock bag and is identical everyday with cereal, drink options, and a bottle of water. Fruit comes separately in the paper bag:

Lunch has some variety, usually healthier options with sandwiches, wraps, salad bowls with ice cream. So far we've only received one ice cream flavour - Rock Salt Caramel. I think I'll never have that flavour ever again in my life after quarantine.

Still exciting to receive our food pack though we're a little concerned with the waste we're generating from our stay. We've already had six paper bags and a bunch of plastic in two days. Multiply that amount by our total stay and you get 42 paper bags and a ton of plastic. Sorry animals of the world!

Sarah's stomach isn't responding well to the frozen/packed food. Likely due to years of luxury food conditioning. haha! I don't mind the catered food so far but even I think 14 days of that for lunch and dinner is going to be too much so we both concede and decide to order in.

Sydney's got a ton of food delivery options: Menulog, Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Doordash, Foodpanda. The one thing they all have in common is they require a local number to sign up. The only thing we don't have because we've not ordered our local SIM cards yet. Thankfully we managed to find a friend who lent us her number which allowed us to place an order for a hot, proper meal. Thanks, Stacey!

Usual exercise time for both of us at 5pm while waiting on our food to arrive. We noticed the sun sets super early here. It starts to gets dark at 4pm which makes it kinda moody. Days are short, nights are long.

From a placed call Eat Fuh. It was tasty!

Watched a documentary over dinner about phrama fraud Theranos. Got pretty repetitive and we gave up halfway. She's terrible by the way.

Day two ends early for us. Still pretty tired and little dazed probably because we got up mid-day and fiddled around mostly with food and groceries delivery. Not our best day and we definitely haven't found our feet yet but we will, eventually.

Either way, day two check ✅

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