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Quarantine Day 6: The Right Company

Quite crazy that we're already at the end of day 6 going into the one week mark tomorrow.

Quarantine time will go by really quickly. 14 days won't be enough. ~ Sarah

Quarantine days are going by quickly for us not because of the size and comfort of our apartment but likely because we have the right company. I mean the space plays a part but no matter how big or comfy the physical space is, days will definitely feel longer if the company sucks. I could easily think of a few people I wouldn't want to be stuck with 24/7 for 14 days. And I shall name these people now...

Anyway, our last few posts have raved about how great the space is but I've not blogged about how great the company has been so this will be that post. You can skip this post if you don't like these sort of partner appreciation posts and do a check on your cold, cold heart.

Sarah is an expert at making herself comfortable (Like a real expert). She is very food driven (Like Lexus, our Dachshund back home). She needs a routine, some key anchors/rocks, and is an extroverted person so social company is important to her. She also knows how to manage me which is extremely easy (ha. ha.).

A lot of things she suggested we bring have made our stay so much better. It was a massive pain to bring (ie. Bolster, pillow) but I can see the value of those items now. Like we brought an exercise ball, the giant ones you see at the gym, as well as a hand pump. Like for real, those items went into our check in baggage.

So she started today with a judgmental "yucks" when she saw me get up at 11:30am (I blame jetlag for my late starts to the day) because she always gets up pretty early. She then insists we start the day with having fruits because she has this wild theory that the first thing you have to eat is fruits. Even when we go on holiday, the breakfast buffet has to start with fruits. I humour her as much as I can and we start the day with apples and oranges and fresh coffee.

Lunch is the better of the two meals and today's lunch is a beef poke bowl. She has that reluctantly because it looks healthy and the previous chicken poke bowl was alright. Unfortunately this doesn't taste as good. I skip lunch based on her review.

After that she gets on a Zoom yoga call with her Singapore yoga studio. That's one of her key anchors/rocks which puts her in a good mood. I had to change my indoor apartment running route because she wanted to Just Dance on Switch after yoga.

When I say change my running route, it meant going around the dining table instead of a straight back and forth from door to balcony so there was space for Sarah to dance. I manage a very decent 4.5km today. I'm so competitive that I try to break my own running record which is absurd given the 10m distance I run. Honestly how much faster can I go in this space? I'll aim to do 500m more each day though that would put me closer to 10km on day 14. That's crazy for an apartment run. We'll see.

Managed to squeeze in some Hyrule Warriors on Switch which she's happy to let me go at it for 30 odd minutes before ordering dinner.

Dinner is the usual frozen stuff which we skip. Apparently people like to see what we're getting for dinner. These are two new flavours for us! Might try them out for lunch tomorrow.

I also noticed the crazy long ingredients list of our frozen meals.

Look at that for the Lemon Chicken flavour meal! What is Hydrolysed Plant Protein or Bingo Parisian Preservative?

Okay this is Bingo Parisian Preservative. Just colouring (I think). STILL. NOT. OKAY.

Also, the expiry date for this Lemon Chicken is in October 2021. Food that can be kept for three months is definitely not a great sign.

So since we're looking for healthy, nutritious food, we chose this for dinner instead:

Mm. Pizza from Angry Tony's round the corner with a side of wings and roasted cauliflower. The sides were great, pizza was alright. Hard to find fault with the food of the gods.

After dinner, Sarah had a bunch of calls with her ex-colleagues to keep her grounded and connected. We then had a mini Zoom birthday celebration with her mum since it's her 62nd birthday. Always good to see family, especially Jude and Lexus.

All in all, a pretty decent day. I appreciate how difficult it's been for Sarah to make this move and am extremely proud of how she's coping and finding ways to stay connected. She definitely deserves a medal for that and here's that medal:


We make quarantine look easy but it's only this way because it's built on a solid relationship. So this post is for her. For everything she's gone through to get to day 6 and hope at the end of all of it, this move will be worth it for her in one form or another.

Haha. Or I may have spoken too early and day 7 onwards becomes a pure shit show. We shall see!

That's day six check for us ✅

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