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Quarantine Day 9: Anxious For Nothing

After eight days of largely similar post formats of food, exercise, and what we each did, today calls for a different blog topic: My anxiety.

Anxious Feeling or showing worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome. Or Gabriel in general.

I officially started work today and as usual was anxious about it. Actually I started being anxious about it a few days prior, not just today or last night. Not sure why because it's my first day and nobody expects anything from anyone on their first day because it's their first day? But I was anxious.

Here are the other times I was anxious and I don't have to look very far back:

  1. Anxious about fitting everything into our luggage when we were packing to move.

  2. Anxious about our luggage making the collective baggage allowance and individual limit.

  3. Anxious about clearing our house out in time before we moved.

  4. Anxious about our flight over because I generally don't do well with flights.

  5. Anxious about finding a job and money when we're here.

  6. Anxious about the type of quarantine room we'd be allocated because it's at random (Gentle reminder of an actual photo of my quarantine fears below).

And every single one of those anxieties worked themselves out. Our luggages were packed up, the house was clear, we didn't get charged for the overweight baggage, only one luggage was over the limit, our hand carry didn't get weighed, the flight was smooth, our quarantine hotel allocation was perfect, and I got a job offer a day before we flew off. And yes, my first day at work today was normal. There was absolutely nothing to worry about.

For me, it's definitely God at work. For others, they may think it's all about putting in the effort to pack or to look for a job or that I'm super lucky or #blessed. I bet someone is reading this and going, "Bah! You say this now because everything worked out! What if it didn't! BAH!" (I'm pretty sure people say BAH). Can I just say it was definitely not a smooth ride throughout all these anxious scenarios. There were some serious downers throughout them and massive, massive struggles.

So with that context in mind, I personally believe a higher power was at work to get all six or seven anxieties sorted out back-to-back-to-back. Even the best sports teams don't win these many times in a row.

We both know friends and family members who are going through anxious times now. Whether it's looking for work, health issues, Covid stuff or even finding love. I don't want to be too preachy and I rarely have words of wisdom so I'll leave it to my favourite Christian author to do the preaching:

“You cannot control the circumstances, but you can always control what you think of them.” ~ Max Lucado

It's an anxious time now with Covid cases rising in Singapore and we may be far apart from family for a period of time because travelling is likely not going happen. After seeing how my list of anxious moments were resolved so perfectly, it's a reminder that I'm always anxious for nothing and hope anyone reading this feels a little less anxious as well.

And now back to our usual programming...

My vegetable wrap lunch that came in a paper bag

Her lunch from yesterday's leftovers that came in a paper bag

Our collection of paper bags

She made herself very, very comfortable and played retro games

I played retro games

She exercised and broke a decent sweat in this cold weather

I exercised and kept to my 500m daily distance increments

Her dinner from yesterday's CHAINESE leftovers

My microwavable dinner that looked like vomit but tasted okay. I have low standards. More like no standards.

We watched Hunger Games Catching Fire over dinner and might embark on Girl from Nowhere on Netflix. Let's see.

10:08pm now and day 9 check ✅. We're moving on to quarantine day 1-0 (double digits!) tomorrow!

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