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Start Of A New Week / Life With Gratitude

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Guess it's only right I should be blogging since I'm out of work. Sounds scary when it's said like that - out. of. work. Still coming to terms with it, having left the comfort and security of a traditional, full-time job (and, hello, welfare benefits!) for a life of uncertainty as a Migrant.

It gets worrying when people ask me what I'm going to do, and it adds that bit of pressure like I have to be doing something to be considered worthwhile here.

I have no idea what's coming next (in terms of work, career), but it's actually making me feel surprisingly motivated and optimistic. I'm sure job hunting is one of the most distressing and anxiety-inducing time in everyone's life, but it was six years ago since I've looked at what's out there so for now, it is quite exciting.

Saying that I also understand being in my position is a real privilege. To make this move, start a 'new life', at my own pace. I owe much of it to Gabe, for making this possible for us. We're hashtag blessed.

#BLESSED because there's so much to be grateful for. People generally practice gratitude during hard times, don't you think? It's a valuable trait to practice in every phase of life. Not sure if it's a natural coping mechanism but either way, I am extremely grateful for every day here so far. For what's good and challenging that allows me to grow. Listing 10 things here I am grateful for, and to look back on when the going gets rough, because we all know this #blessed feeling doesn't last forever.

  1. Being able to enjoy this clear, albeit (@gabe, used it) cold weather

  2. Having a F.O.C car available to us / Gabe for putting in the work

  3. The kindness of people we've never met before arriving here (that's you, Stacey & Mat!)

  4. This apartment with all it's amenities and convenience of a shopping mall beside

  5. Being out without masks (which is reckless but we should also be thankful that it is an option because Sydney did good on keeping their numbers low (with their borders shut) and really, who likes having them on)

  6. Ability to cook / Gabe's cooking skills / willingness to cook for us - we take this for granted and it's really not a given

  7. Beautiful sunsets from our temp apartment. Sunsets only because we haven't been up early enough to catch a sunrise.

  8. Space to practice yoga / exercise / have quiet time

  9. My family and friends back home who give time to video call

  10. Available Zoom yoga flow and meditation provided by my school

  11. Being alive. In Sydney. Opps, that's 11.

So our lives in Sydney have begun. We're into our second week now (out of quarantine) and I'll let the photos do the talking on what we've been up to, in no particular order:

Enjoyed our 1st proper date night out at an izakaya (Aussie's take on it)

because spending 14 days, 24/7 together just wasn't enough.

"critically-acclaimed menu"

Stocking up our pantry, making the apt more liveable by purchasing a shoe rack, waste bins, clothes stand, laundry baskets, etc.

Sorting admin out like a functioning #realadult

being able to provide some form of ID

(driver's license, Medicare, bank account, Australian tax...)

Enjoying home cooked meals, because dining out and ordering in is expensive. #singleincome

Met friends, played at the arcade because we were hanging out with KIDS (anyone under 30). Or because you don't get many options after 6pm.

re - not many options but it turned out to be really fun!

And making the best of our first weekend out, we caught a live performance, 'The Little Prince' - really lucky we were to have found out just two days before the last show and getting the last two seats that were together! Talk about Meant-To-Be! I was super pleased with that and even more when our affordable seats and show turned out awesome.

Took in the sights and sounds of the city, walked into a museum with free exhibits, ate street food from the market, took a ride on the train to Chinatown because apparently "Chinatown's famous Friday Night Markets are one of Sydney's most popular late-night shopping hotspots". All that for operating from 4pm to closing at 11pm - I'll give them that. We must be with our People. ZHONG GUO! Bahaha.

Right. So I have a few calls scheduled with friends this week and we'll likely be looking up TimeOut's Things To Do and still cooking in and eating out, and exploring Sydney as we should before this all gets old and we'd be back in time for Christmas. In 2029. Hur.

To everyone, a great week ahead and hope we'll remember to take time out of every day to recognise the things in life we're grateful for. I'm remembering that this move is one big leap of faith and I'm gonna trust that God has plans for us.

Sydney, we've arrived

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