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T-Minus 10 - We Were There.

Sunday to Wednesday was completely obscure. It was long and at the same time short, the days were gruelling yet it went. How is that possible, three nights at the wake and we said good bye to Kong Kong's mortal body on the fourth day. That was today - 28 April 2021.

I guess 25 April will forever be etched in my memory. Not only is it Kong Kong's death anniversary, but because I was there for all the pivotal moments that day and of the days that followed, which I will now seal here on the world. wide. web.

I was there, Sunday, a spontaneous decision to have lunch. 1.30pm

I was there, witnessing his last few breaths. 3.40pm

I was there, seeing his children (my father and aunts) in a state of actual panic and fearing there wasn't a pulse.

I was there, waiting for the doctor to certify his death.

I was there, waiting for the undertakers to arrive. 5.45pm

I was there, picking out his outfit, navy or black, blue or red tie.

I was there, when they were discussing funeral logistics, non-member or member pricing.

I was there, seeing his body carried from the bed to a stretcher, and taken from his home.

I was there, watching Ma Ma cry at this massive loss of a man she's been married to for the last 69 years.

I was there, everyday of his wake. 12pm - 10pm.

I was there, bought 65 buns from various bakeries for guest distribution.

I was there, at the funeral mass for his soul.

I was there, rode the bus with family to the crematorium.

I was there, gave a eulogy.

I was there, when they closed the doors.

I was there.

So many moments, of days, dates and numbers, significant.

Time can't be measured in days the way money is measured in pesos and centavos, because all pesos are equal, while every day, perhaps every hour, is different. ~ Jorge Luis Borges

No shit, Jorge. Every day, the past few days, was similar yet not. We were all there for the same reason, reciting the same prayers, but everything is different now.

More importantly, I was there. Gabe was there. We were there, and we are here, grateful now more than ever, for this seems like Kong Kong's gift to us. Our biggest worry was missing Kong Kong's passing and being with family, but we were there, in the thick of it and around family, the privilege we shared.

Kong Kong had always advocated 'family closeness', and it presented no more apparently than at his passing, this legacy he's left behind.

Thank you, Kong Kong. I miss you, already. Goodnight, 1.08am.

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