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T-minus 12 - Kong Kong & His Video Cam

Kong Kong and his video cam

That's how I'll come to remember this man

Those tapes and records of family events,

Captured by his steady hands

Relying on my mental cam,

It's scenes of Kong Kong - the 'mechanic man'

Fixing things, old clocks and fans

TVs, radios, that wonky discman

Pass it to him, he'll know what to do

All he needs is a day or two

It's Kong Kong again, with a cap and bicycle

He peddles on, it's classical

This 90-year-old, fresh out cycling

What he does is so inspiring

Chinese New Year has come around

Kong Kong steps into our gambling ground

"Polish!" "Polish!" he makes that sound.

Despite the racket, he enjoys his quiet

It's Solitaire cards, he plays autopilot

Alone in his room, under the bright white light

I remember this clearly, it's Kong Kong alright

So fiercely he yells

At the Mahjong tiles

Banging on the table, deep angry frowns

It's no fun losing, that we can tell

Penang his last trip out of Singapore

Glad I was there, spending time some more

We ate and drank, he had cockles that stunk

but Kong Kong enjoyed galore.

Of all the things that Kong Kong did in his life

He was proudest most - of course his wife

Who gave him the chance of raising a family

That we knew, were his prized trophies.

How I wished I had his video cam

Documenting the life of this wonderful man


Kong Kong, I'll miss you.

so much

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