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T-Minus 14 Days: Support [Bonus Post]

Bonus reflection for today!

Any friend ask you all not to go? ~ My mother

My mother is probably the only person who has been actively trying to discourage us from moving. Not so much for practical reasons like job or Covid but rather for herself as a mother which I understand and respect (at times). But no mum, we're still going.

Everyone else on the other hand has been supportive. People are excited for us, saying they'll miss us, they'll want to come up and visit, and strangely we're starting to find more mutual connections in Sydney (Friend's cousin is there, friend's uncle is there, church friend is living there). With every farewell or message, it feels like our support base is growing. People cheering us on, wanting us to do well is as good a motivator as any.

So it's turned into more than a move for just the both of us. It's become us wanting to make it work for everyone who've supported us. Yes, my mother is included in that group (She's subtle about it but we have her blessings). It's definitely a different way to look at it and hopefully something we'll take with us once the move is done into other life lessons and experiences that we will always have friends and family in our corner wanting us to succeed and vice versa of course.

To everyone who's made time, sent a message, prayed, bought us meals - Thank you. Pausing these relationships will hurt because everyone means a lot to us so thanks for being a friend/family/well-wisher, we couldn't have gotten this far without you.

* Cue music to end our thank you awards speech *

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