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T-minus 31 days - counting down

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

I find it strange when people congratulate us on our upcoming move. I guess I would say that too as a reflex but it does feel different when you're on the receiving end.

I'm never sure what's there to congratulate us on. Perhaps it's along the lines of getting out of Singapore, escaping the heat, live the Australian life, go on an adventure. Or it might just be a standard thing to say with all major life updates like getting engaged, at weddings, getting your house keys or becoming parents.

What if life wasn't counted in years, but in moments you've treasured. ~ Awesome book that made me tear up at a bookshop

Sarah got me that book because I told her how moving it was. I read it and felt sad. She read it and was completely unmoved.

Major life moments are mostly scary things. Adult things (Is this how the word "adulting" came about?).

Would you like a side of congratulations with your major life moments? Buy a house, take up a massive loan. Get engaged/married, trust one person to not break your trust FOR LIFE. Becoming parents, say goodbye to sleep and life (at least for a few years).

Your life, as you know it now, changes with each major life moment and I guess ours will as well in exactly a month.

So we have about seven farewells with friends, family and ex-colleagues lined up in the next four weeks. We'll need to make major decisions on selecting a tenant, packing, more packing, slowly detaching ourselves from our home, car and loved ones. April will definitely be a very emotional month for us.

Our move feels like a bungee jump:

  1. We're on the ledge ready to make the leap. It's scary, doesn't make sense and extremely risky. (People are randomly congratulating us on doing this! See what I mean?)

  2. We step off the ledge in a month's time. The free fall is terrifying and then the rope catches.

  3. We start to enjoy the thrill and build a rhythm. There'll be massive ups and massive downs. It's all part of the ride.

  4. We're done before we know it. Once the ride is over, we'll be back home (wherever that may be) and all we'll have of that entire journey is memories and photos.

31 very tough days to go and then we're off.

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