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T-minus 32 days: Worrying

We're normally not worriers so this entire process has been strange.

We worry about finding work there, finances, catching Covid, making friends, our boxes arriving there, our items not being damaged during shipping, finding purpose, tragedy happening back in Singapore and we're not around for it, missing local food, about the tenant taking care of our place, or what happens if our things get broken while we're away. Will this blog ever get enough readers to secure a sponsorship?

If we had that mentality in our daily lives, we wouldn't even open the windows in our house. That's just not us and yet the move has brought about an endless stream of negative "what ifs".

"We're not starting over from scratch, we're starting from experience." ~ Inspirational quote from Instagram

Perhaps one cure to worry is perspective. We recently received news about cancer scares and death from friends in our age range. Compared to our furniture being damaged, those are real worries.

If every circumstance or feeling is contrasted against the worst possible scenario, of course it wouldn't sound that bad. Actually, it would be quite annoying to do that. Heartbroken from breaking up? Well at least your heart doesn't have a freaking medical hole in it. Sad from being retrenched? At least you're not a child soldier amputee who can't type!

I think the point is that it's okay to feel what we feel. The worries are real. The challenges of the move are real. The Covid risks are real. What's not okay is when it becomes the default feeling in everyday life. Perspective helps, prayer helps, talking to people help, slapping yourself to snap out of it helps.

So onwards and upwards for us. 30 odd days to go and everything will work itself out. I'm sure of it (Fingers crossed).

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