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T-minus 33 - Where's Your Home At?

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

We're pretty much down to our last 30 days. The home feels emptier, especially without Gabe's iMac at his study. That's the most telling that something is missing. Also, the book and display shelves have been cleared out and vanity drawers without their organisers is a feeling to get used to.

I'm reminded earlier when I wanted to air-fry seaweed chicken and 'kwang chiang' for lunch that the air-fryer is probably on it's way in a dark corner of a moving truck or ship right now and it'd probably be another three months before we unite. Hope all of our things (and us) will be getting there safe.

Must say though it's been a relief having the boxes shipped off. This way, we can move on to spending time with family and friends, scheduling tenant viewings and continue packing boxes for storage (which is still a pain but lesser compared to shipping).

Over the weekend, we had three potential tenants (and their partners) viewing our place. All of them clearly liked our home. The first guy made himself very-at-home too; propped his legs up on the couch, testing out the bedroom air con making sure it was right for him, and is excited for the chance to move in. The second and last guy brought their dates and only Gabe, our property agent and myself know how it went. Haha!

The point is, they are ready to move in. Are we ready to move out?

I'm still hoping a friend (or of a friend) would become a tenant and that way, our things would be looked after but, it doesn't look promising. The money is less important to us than knowing our unit would be cared for.

Potential tenant D asked us a question - "what are your favourite and least favourite parts of the house" Wow, that struck a chord. Told her easily that we loved every part of our home, from lazing on the black couch on weekends, reading or knitting with the music on, listening to the birds chirping in the tall trees (i know, seriously? but true), people watching from the balcony while sipping on coffee... every bit of this home is us.

Gabe of course, gave a less sentimental answer of saying he likes the big windows we have, and how it's a corner unit closer to the MRT.

Back to saying - we built our home from the ground up (well not quite literally) but it was made for our lifestyles. Every piece of furniture, down to the type of forks and mugs were decisions Gabe and I made together for our home. We fully utilise every section to entertain friends and family with dinners, movie & game nights, and it provided respite for everyone from bustling city streets (haha like real).

Again, point is that it will be difficult letting go of our home to a rando, not knowing if they would respect our things. Although more importantly, we must be okay if some things get stained or damaged.

So, I didn't say ALL of the above, but answering the part on least favourite...if there was one thing I would change, it would probably still be Gabe's toilet. Might prefer that as a store room or a wider area for laundry, but hey, who's complaining, I'm not complaining.

Gabe said it would the backsplash in our kitchen, think the color is wrong.

So, we still have a few weeks to go, before deciding who we'd lease our home to. Wish us luck 'cos this is a big one. A big step in this whole process of our migration.

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