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T-minus 37 days-Milestones

We hit a major milestone today making the deadline to ship out our 8 boxes which will arrive in about 70 days. It wasn't the prettiest journey but we got it done. That's worth celebrating.

I think the default feeling from now till the time we go is going to be surreal. Definitely feels that way now especially with our home looking so bare which hurts to look at sometimes.

I'm trying to avoid another downer type post about our first world problems so here's appreciating Sarah for powering through packing and making decisions on extremely major parts of the house like her jewellery and clothes.

Thankful for Gwen who helped determine the fate of Sarah's clothes, friends who helped with the final push to finish packing and providing emotional support. For my brother who came over to move the boxes down in just 10 minutes (The journey from his place to ours was longer than the actual box moving activity).

Also, it does feel good to have our house cleared of a bunch of boxes and taking our minds off major packing tasks. Now to recoup and catch a breath before getting back on whatever's next.

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