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T-minus 39 - And things like that.

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Another week, another round of packing and more decision-making. Making decisions on every. item. in. the. house. is no joke man! (insider joke). I like thinking we're the couple / home that doesn't hoard things, and we (or i) know exactly the things in our home (because my mantra is: there is a place for everything and everything has its place) so there's never a surprise "omg I forgot we had this!" moment where we had to decide what to do with THOSE things. So, easy easy right?


Took my can-do attitude and thought, hey these are all just THINGS right? We can buy them there, replace what we need, sell what we have, donate what we don't want - it sounds really easy!

But Not.

I've always been sentimental, but over the years I've learnt to toss things and not regret. But when you've accumulated five years of home set up and a love for everything in it, sentiments are not the only consideration. Decision making becomes a real challenge.

It's mentally taxing. Making decisions to toss, ship, store, donate, or sell on all things big and small. Down to the bar soaps given to you as gifts and (stolen) from the hotel - do we bring it, can we give it back? Hee. Some decisions are quick and easy, especially the larger items (fridge will stay) but the little THINGS, especially the ones that are not really essential but only sentimental - those take twice the time to decide.


Red robot money bank: a gift from the bestie which is really not our home style and not the best colour, it's light but not small, it's used here and it reminds me of her.


Those earrings...the ones you hardly wear yet cannot bear to throw. They are small...I might wear it, but what's the point, now's the chance to toss it away. Buy new ones in Aussie.


Every. Piece. Of. Clothing: Surprising myself that this is a tough one. Including this one stick on push up bra that you don't wear often (or haven't worn in the last 4+ years since your wedding) BUT never know when you might need. It's packed neatly in a box and tucked away, you know it's there, when the occasion calls for it.


When I think about options, I look at the item's size, usability, sentimental value and what it does for me when I'm there. Most times, I just want to bring everything, BUT, it's not practical. So how do I tackle this mammoth task?

I run. But not in the drastic flight way that Gabe does, instead:

#1 - Run from reality into VR

This was in fact really fun, I disappeared for hours and attended Kendrick Lamar's concert. I was even a part of The Weeknd's music video and I was right there in arm's length with Post Malone. It helped me forget all responsibilities. Especially when I hit the VR club - Dance Central. That's where I got to really break it downnn.

#2 - Run to mother's for comfort food

Nothing like mother's comfort food. 'Nuff said. Ok no, she said 'MarCo' (aka macaroni) and I said 'Mus-Go' - ok Gabe think that's really bad but I just had to.

#3 - Run literally with or after dog

Taking Lexus out for his 'Walk-Walk' = a walk in nature and that always helps. He literally reminds you to stop dragging your feet.

#4 - Run to others for help

Realised I should start turning to others for help. My sister is proof of that when she got me to throw out more than 10 pairs of shoes just by saying "Aiyahhhh throw la throw la". Yup, it helps when someone is less attached to the items.

#5 - Run to Gabe in tears

Because your sister cannot be around 24/7, I guess turning to Gabe is the next best option. Sometimes I find burying my head against his shoulders would make everything better.

#6 - Run with Headspace (a literal playlist you can download here:

Yes, I believe in 'Headspace'. Like it says, a few minutes could change your whole day. Hell yeah! Sign me up!

#7 - And finally, walk with God.

You know that religious poem on 'footprints in the sand?' you don't? well, essentially it says God can carry you, when you think he's not there. Or maybe it's told better if you google it.

Ultimately, what works for me I suppose, is finding pockets of time to be normal, seeking regularity (order) amidst chaos. Run - but come back to fight another day.

Does that make me Team Fight? Will save that for another entry.

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