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T-minus 46 days-Feelings.

Slept poorly last night. If I slept at all. Was it because we listed our home on social media or the job search. Was it discovering the long commute and the idea of getting around without a car (how spoilt Sarah). Was it the week of packing and seeing boxes lying in our home, knowing everything has an expiry date. Like a countdown timer has been set off.

Things are moving and much faster now. There are so many feelings, it's hard to pin down exactly how I feel. I am also growing tired of acknowledging every emotion - fear, excitement, anxiety, worry, being forward looking; trying to stay optimistic. I think it's all very unsettling or unnerving with so many uncertainties, so very near.

Was asked earlier by an acquaintance if I'm happy about the move. My first answer was "I'm scared" and realised I haven't thought about whether I am Happy about this move. I suppose that can only come when we're there. An actualisation or realisation.

"I caught feelings"

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