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T-minus 46 days - How to Deal with Challenges

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Here's a top tip: DON'T MIGRATE.

But if you choose to, read on.

The last few days have been challenging. Things are moving faster and we're definitely making good progress. The ironic thing is as we make more progress, the more difficult it's becoming.

It's essentially dealing with a mass of emotions all at once - Leasing out our home, packing up, dealing with shipping, worrying about work, money, racism, Covid, quarantine. And knowing that we have to power through and make it work because we're committed to it. Adding to that, Google hasn't been the most helpful because when you punch in a combination of "Migration" and "Difficult", you get stuff about real migrants. Like escaping war and poverty type of migrants. Long story short - It's very tough.

Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty. ~ Theodore Roosevelt

We're still figuring out how to best deal with this. Running away from it is always an easy option (to me) but thankfully Sarah cracks the whip whenever I start walking towards the door. Here's what else we've been doing and how effective they've been for us:

#1: Talk to each other about it: Yes, helpful. But important to catch each other at the right time. DO NOT try this if either party is tired. Also, avoid having too intense conversations after 8pm or before 10am.

Effectiveness level: 3.5/5 (When done correctly)

#2: Pray: Definitely helpful to trust a higher power who has always, always looked out for us.

Effectiveness level: 5/5

#3: Mindfulness to manage emotions: With a ton of emotions to deal with everyday, finding a way to manage all of that is important. I've not been a big meditation person but I'm starting to warm up to the idea. Also, Sarah does it often enough and she's holding it together a lot better than me.

Effectiveness level: 4/5

#4: Weep silently: Not helpful plus you dehydrate yourself over time.

Effectiveness level: 1/5

#5: Relax and trust the process: Know that everything is temporary. Actually, internalise that everything is temporary. Work, material items, money, ups and downs. Relax, go with the flow and just know that nothing out there can truly affect who you are.

Effectiveness level: 5/5

We're still figuring out which combination works for us. I get the feeling that we're nearing the top of the crest which puts us at the tallest, scariest part of this entire journey. But once we cross that, it's downhill from there. All downhill.

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