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T-Minus 64 days - Let’s talk about things [Part II]

5 March, 2021

So as I was saying, it feels like we’re trading down rather than up or we’re at a good place at the game of life and essentially starting over voluntarily from the beginning.

Having these things in our lives have made us very comfortable to the point where we can predict a weekly routine that could easily go on for the next 12 months. And as a result, our growth or my growth has slowed down.

Breaking it down further, there aren’t many new experiences in Singapore. Our last legit new experience was last weekend where we discovered this L-shaped hawker in Havelock Road that apparently sold the second best Kway Chap in Singapore. I think this says a lot about how much I’ve stagnated.

I’ve said this several times to Sarah, one of the many reasons we’re moving is to gain new experiences which in this article from the very credible Becoming Minimalist website (and first link on Google) says that experiences can/may result in:

  • Greater happiness

  • Better memories

  • Less clutter

  • Greater opportunity to connect with other people

  • Greater mindfulness (Being present)

  • Less comparison with others

Source: The Atlantic - I have no idea what this means

There are several conclusions to this post - Perspective, letting go, living life, fight rather than flight. For me, one of them is learning to look forward, not backwards. I also like what the earlier referenced NYT article suggests that adding two words “right now” can become a tremendous liberator psychologically that whatever we’re giving up is for now. That’s good enough for now.

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