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The Perfect Send-off

An overdue amateur expression of the perfect send-off at the airport.

The Perfect Send-off

Criteria was three

Strong, early riser, drives a big car

It’s Sam! Gabe’s brother, we knew

Didn’t have to look far

Up we were at six thirty,

All we heard were ourselves and birdies

Not forgetting Cecilia too

Our neighbour she woke to say,

“Be safe you two”

Luggage loaded, in without a stumble

Sam did that all, not even a grumble

Gabe in the front seat, me in the back

Too busy with Instagram, to wonder

Do I need a Prozac?

Still a feeling of high and adrenaline rush

It’s on to a new adventure,

Who knows how long it’d last

At Terminal 3 we have reached

Only neat trolleys lined the street

Covid restrictions, public-not-allowed

It’s amazing, Changi Airport

Without a crowd

So long, Sam! Thank you for the ride

He dropped us off at the entrance kerbside

Not one step further, knowing Covid rules

Still, we couldn’t have left without a hug and thank you

No more familiar faces, meant no heartbreak goodbyes

No need for affections, they’d only make me cry

To weigh our luggage

And pass security checks,

It’s the process we know, nothing too complex

The journey becomes clear-cut,

When everything is shut

No duty-free shopping,

Children are not seen with parents rushing

It’s all very bizarre to start

Clearly this isn’t normal

When security is less formal

But what it was for me,

A perfect send-off, absolutely

With no one to see,

At a place so empty,

Only calm and clarity.


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