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Things I've Learnt While Unemployed

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

I wrote a post halfway during my unemployment back in September, but it never made it out of drafts. Reading back and picking up now where I left off, it's amazing how much we've achieved in the last six months. This post is a huge reminder of all the things worthwhile and just how much you can achieve by using your time effectively (kidding, the truth is when you're in lockdown).

What I've Learnt:

  1. Coloring is really for people who are jobless

  2. It hurts your hands.

  3. It is actually therapeutic and can lead to unexpected crying (with the right music on)

  4. You can knit a beanie and put it to use in the winter

  5. You can finish reading four books without trying too hard

  6. To accept being okay with starting anew

  7. To accept paying $20 for a local dish you can get back home for $2.50

  8. About homesickness and that it's okay to cry and you will.

  9. To stay on top of my feelings

  10. To work when I'm ready.

I RECKON initially that I was trying to force employment to happen for me, and that caused quite a lot of distress and discomfort. Changing that mindset really made all the difference, and so I started putting down what I did during my five months of unemployment:

  • Moved countries

  • Completed an online course

  • Knitted myself a wearable beanie

  • Experienced 2 weeks of quarantine

  • Colored pages of books

  • Pieced together 4 jigsaw puzzles (1,000 & 500 pcs)

  • House hunted 19 places

  • Moved into a new place

  • Set up a home from scratch

  • Making over 50 trips back and forth for that

  • Picked up a new hobby, including one ukulele, two skateboards and bicycles (ok those aren’t new)

  • Celebrated mooncake festival in Australia (in the outdoors)

  • Celebrated SG National Day / Experienced it with tears and unexpected patriotism

  • Enjoyed hotpot in the outdoors

  • Enjoyed movies in the outdoors

  • Visited X (countless) number of nature parks

  • Hiked / trekked / walked X (countless) number of costal walks including a trip to Blue Mountains

  • Enjoyed ciders and pizza in the cold cold winter

  • Enjoyed X (countless) number of outdoor picnics

  • Kept up with weekly yoga and meditation

  • Kept to scheduled calls with groups of friends / families

  • Taught zoom yoga

  • Agreed to take on a MAWSG project

  • Went through 9 interviews with 4 charities, got 2 job offers and 1 nearly

  • Went kayaking and discovered my life’s missing machine - a power pedal kayak

  • Sold X number of things on FB marketplace and Gumtree

  • Still in a healthy relationship with Gabe.

I think that says a lot. Everything has changed since I've started working on 20 October (in my previous post) but one thing remains - the growing doesn't stop.

Let’s see what the next six months will bring. Onward and Upward! :)

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