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Tips for Runners with Sinusitis

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Tip #1: Don't do it.

Mustered up some energy to be writing this post from the couch. It's been 3 days since the 3km run I did on level 6. Do I regret it? Maybe. Because my body now is doing its damnest to fight off an oncoming cold.

Innocent run in circles round the outdoor garden

Judging from the splits and heart rate, it was really an easy, smart (if you headspace, you'd understand the meaning of a smart) run. Enjoyable even. Not trying to overdo it and keeping my headphones on (which I thought was going to be the answer to my continued outdoor running but guess not) meant that I would be ok, I thought.

Came back with a stuffed nose and leaky eye that was only too familiar to hay fever. Self-diagnosis: Sinusitis (also called rhinosinusitis, sinus infection, sinus flare up).

Ugh the agonyyy...I blame...Gabe. Haha! For always encouraging me to get out and run, he even suggested I walk 750m (approx. 10mins or 20mins in my "abnormally slow pace" he calls), in 12-degrees, out to Gunyama Park Aquatic and Recreation Centre AND THEN begin my run. Sometimes, I wonder if he's out to get me.

Whoever (but not myself) to blame, whether it was Gabe or the weather, or some pollen found in the garden that I'm terribly allergic to...I've been this person:

Drug sniffing Vicks VapoRub


Still fighting the teary eyes and swelling but hoping to give zoom yoga a go tomorrow. Read that yoga poses and breathing exercises can be good alternative treatments for sinus problems too because they can relax both body and mind, improve breathing and circulation and help the body heal.

Sinus congestion is also loosened by increased temperature in the body’s core, a corollary of exercise of any kind ~ Ruth Field from the Irish Times

I'm sold!

Being down the past few days, I'm wondering if it was the run that did me in or because we also went to the beach on Sunday, despite the lockdown. Speaking of lockdown, did I mention it's just been extended another week? Save that for another entry.

We were out for exercise - a good costal walk that Gabe looked up the night before. Research showed that it was a supposedly quieter and less touristy walk from Maroubra Beach to Coogee, but... we were wrong.

The beach was still packed with people, no one had masks on, unless they were stepping into a cafe to place an order, sk8ers gon'a sk8, surfers gon'a surf and we too were guilty. But, good thing that the beach is so wide and the ocean so vast, you barely have someone coming into contact with you. #self_rationalise

It was definitely cold, but lovely. Nothing like being out in the sun, under the blue blue sky, surrounded by blue blue waters and listening to the sound of waves crashing onto rocks. The highlight for me was being able to sit out in the open on those beautiful pancake rocks, observing three Asians fish recreationally. It was catch and release fishing which had my stamp of approval for conservation, but don't you wonder how the same fish might get hooked twice, or more times for being greedy - ouch that must hurt and they will eventually die from that?

a male & female recreational fisher standing bravely out at sea

In my time watching them (and possibly catching a cold), I thought above how fearless that lady in purple pants was, or how foolish she might be if the current picked up and would surely wash her away...morbid I know but the waves were crashing against the shore and at one point it reached her feet and she just stepped briefly over to the side (lady, is that wise)?

climbing and jumping over big stones and rocks are another fav of mine

Think that sums up the last few days. On the job front, I'm through to the final round of interviews for a position at a cancer hospital, and that's cool. Am still waiting to hear back on the other which ironically is a cancer-related NGO too. Time will tell where that takes me.

I'm going to lay down now... and be back to fight, I mean write, another day.

Keep safe everyone, and remember Tip #2: not to listen to Gabe's advise on winter running.

Tip #3: run on a treadmill, in a gym.

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