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Week 3 Lockdown: Perfect Week

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

A perfect week in lockdown? No way! How's that possible you say (although no one is really saying).

In Barney Stinson's context, the perfect week is landing seven different girls in seven days. This is not that kinda perfect week. Instead...I'd let the picture perfect photos explain. See what I did there? Perfect.

Our perfect week started as did my parents' when they left for their long-awaited cruise on Sunday. Can't say it went perfect for them since it was ironically the longest wait for disembarking. Yup, they were on THAT ship with the covid-positive passenger who had links to the KTV cluster - see, we may be far but not from juicy, current news!

That meant Lexus had to stay with his pet sitter, and for additional days, we were spammed daily with videos and photos of him playing pack leader and doing the one thing we couldn't get him to do: socialise. Hate to say this but, Lexus is a coward. Either that, or he really doesn't like socialising with other dogs. His personality has been this way since he was a young pup and whenever we took him to the dog park and pet events, he would be hiding behind us with his tail tucked. Guess we have a wusssyyy in our family.

outcast boy shamed in a pink blankie but had a whole mattress to himself!

Over the 5 nights, he warmed up to his sitter and could definitely Tolerate being around others. Yay! Look at him surrounded by all his four-legged buddies. Perfect!

Lockdown also meant we'd eating in more. Yup, that's a lotta perfect meals we (mostly Gabe) made in a week. Including new items like, mee tiaaaaooo (it just has to be said a certain way), corn ribs and brussels with bacon - so simple and delicious. Perfect!

Actually, we scored ourselves a 5 out of 7 since we had 2 meal-misses that week. We were not satisfied with these,

"Seasoned ground beef, slices of red onion & mozzarella cheese, served on a BBQ sauce base".

More like dried up crumbly beef with over cooked onions, served on a limp base of BBQ sauce. Ugh, this was a poor choice. Actually it was last choice because we got played out by Korean-Fried-Chicken-place who claimed to have an emergency and closed the store before we got there.

Chinese Chicken Soup base with Assorted Balls & Minced Pork-Glass-Noodle-Soup-We-Can't-Even-Describe-It

This was also another Fail for us, it sounded good in our heads, to use up the ingredients we had but it didn't go well, which is probably why you didn't see it on my 'gram. Since it's not perfect, it doesn't fit in with the theme of this entry. Let's move on.

Made it through the final-round job interview and that's a win for me, seeing it through. Time will tell if it was 'perfect' or not, but I'll take it as a perfect practice run, with back-to-back interviews and multiple rounds.

Looking back on the perfect week, it was probably so because we had scheduled video calls nearly everyday of the week with different groups of friends and zoom yoga from Fri to Sun, perfect start to my days.

Lockdown means we have to keep ourselves occupied, so I've ordered us a buncha things including a two-player word game which came at perfect timing and turned out to be really fun!

Player Two.

We also decided to surprise our (only two) friends with gifts to tide them through lockdown, but quickly realised that same-day delivery / postage is pricey here! There's no GrabExpress or Qxpress equivalent so, we had to go with our Plan B - Which I will not be sharing about right now. We did catch up with them over 'Houseparty' and playing 'Gartic Phone' which helped in filling up my social cup.

What's perfect was we also made a birthday video for my best friend to surprise her when she receives her surprise gift. Ooo, it's really a nice feeling to gift and surprise others. Speaking of which, Gabe gifted and surprised me with this:

Brand new AirPods Pro! Woohoo! Perfect.

Was it my complaints? Not sure what I did to deserve it although the card says it's the start of #HAPPYRAHRAHDAY season and other reasons, I'll just be happy with them - Thanks, Gabby! <3

And ending the perfect week with a day out at Mosman, costal/bush walking:

Picture perfect symmetry?

Took my beanie to the outdoors - have I mentioned that is a beanie I knitted? Hur.

catching sunset on our ride back across the Sydney Harbour Bridge

I guess you could say, a perfect week here for me is when I get to enjoy Gabe's meals, go out in nature, take in air that's fresher, spend quality together, give-and-receive surprises, not lose my shit during that time of the month, and keeping safe from Covid (so we believe). A week like that made up of days like these will do it.

Here's to more 'perfect weeks' ahead and wishing you a Perfect Week by your definition too :)

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