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Quarantine Day 7: Halfway There

Updated: May 23, 2021

Usually at the halfway mark of most things, you start to get a little fatigued and need a boost. Today was that day for us.

I got up earlier today. Sarah was already on a Zoom yoga class. I had to creep back into the room to avoid disturbing her because I've been told off for TYPING too loudly while she was meditating. I've even been told off for breathing too loudly before (True story). This was booster #1 for her.

Sunny day in Sydney

Apparently three nurses showed up earlier in the morning to swab us because swabs happen on Day 7 and 13 of quarantine and Sarah turned them away in a hurry because she was in the middle of her practice.

Not a great idea to piss off the nurses who will be shoving a cotton bud down your throat and nostrils. Sure enough the trio of angry nurses came back round to swab us. They were nice about it and we get swabbed. That's three swabs in two weeks for us.

Swabs went okay. Definitely not as painful as the Singapore pre-flight Covid tests. I think this might be the rapid one they use for cruises. Either way, we're left with one swab left on the home stretch of day 13.

On the up side, lunch was pretty decent today. Two sandwiches - One ham & cheese, the other a tuna sandwich. We each had one sandwich. I defy Sarah's wild theory of fruits first and not have any fruits because I completely OD-ed on apples and oranges yesterday.

As tasty as sandwiches can be

I discover my own little booster sitting outside with a good book and my iPad. I've ventured out to the balcony the past few days before but never crossed my mind to dress warmly in a jacket and sit out there. That sounds kinda dumb to not have thought of that.

Anyway, it was lovely and I rarely use lovely but it really was. Loved being out there reading, weather was nice, I wasn't cold, random music was playing on my phone. Had that for a while then I was called in to the Activity Centre Table to double team this origami book a friend (Thanks Nora!) had given us for quarantine.

It's quite a cool book to flip through. Each origami paper has a different print that corresponds with the animal you're folding. This was supposed to be some tropical fish. Man, origami is hard. Maybe this book is for advanced origami-ists (Is that what they're called?). Kinda power through it and try to figure out the folds but I guess powering through is not how origami works. We end up with a fish and count that as a win for us.

While powering through the origami, Sarah gets her own mini booster by organising the fridge and all the food and food waste we've accumulated in the last week.

Veggie Flats (Left): Dehydrated compressed vegetable snack. It's terrible.

Corn Flakes (Second to left): Just the plain kind. Not Frosties.

Weet-Bix (Center): Dry, cardboard like. I tried one so I'm qualified to comment on it.

Shortbread Cookies (Top right): They're tasty. Goes well with coffee. We approve!

Assorted Premium Nuts (Middle right): They're alright. We're not big on nuts so yeah.

Lipton Tea & Nescafe (Bottom right): Just regular tea & coffee.

Sugar packs (Top): Self-explanatory.

And our fridge situation isn't any better:

Top shelf (Left to right): Diced fruits in syrup, full cream milk, Apple juice, assorted yogurt

Second to top shelf: Apples & oranges, sweet baby cucumbers, cherry tomatoes

Second to bottom shelf: Assorted cakes (Chocolate Lava Cake, Orange Almond, Lemon Drizzle Pudding, Sticky Date Pudding)

Bottom shelf: Leftover food from our takeout and any lunch/dinner packs we want to keep

I embark on another indoor run at 4pm promptly and limp across the 5km mark. The last kilometre was absolute torture. Need to rethink the daily 500m increment. Exercise is always a booster so this was a win for me.

We decide not to order in today because we have some leftovers from the previous takeout and the frozen dinner packs excite me. I think they repeat the cycle because we got the exact same meal packs on day 1.

Instant noodles + leftover chicken wings & roasted cauliflower for Sarah, frozen Thai green curry for me. These were not boosters for us at all. We'll definitely go back to food delivery tomorrow. We catch Pirates of the Caribbean over dinner (I'm amazed at how long this movie was because I fell asleep, Sarah woke me up, and the movie was still going!).

Tastes slightly better than it looks. Slightly.

We normally snack after dinner having chips or chocolates but Sarah's friend up in Perth decided to send us a surprise dessert which is extremely thoughtful and kind. Took a while to reach us but no complaints!

We end up with two tubs of eight different flavours from Messina Gelato! BRILLS! Really good stuff that was easily one of the big highlights from today. I gorge myself with ice cream 10 minutes after Sarah stopped. Booster for both of us.

Sarah's still feeling a little bored/down so we decide to play some classic Nintendo games like Ice Climbers, Balloon Fight and Dr Mario as another booster for both of us to see us through the day.

That brings us to 11:32pm now and I declare the honeymoon phase of quarantine officially over! We're both starting to feel the mundane routine of staying indoors all day.

Life can only be understood backwards but lived forward. ~ Wise guy

Now that the honeymoon phase is over, I expect the next few days will be challenging for both of us. We can only move forward wherever this quarantine ride will take us and just like one of our super early posts mentions - This too shall pass.

A difficult day seven check ✅

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