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Quarantine Day 8: Breaking The Monotony

Updated: May 24, 2021

I knew before going to bed last night and waking today that I was going to 'make today different' and consciously feel better about our quarantine situation. Granted we're not in a bad place at all, with the space and company and all the luxuries mentioned but like Gabe said in our previous post - fatigue is setting in.

Although routine keeps us productive, it can sometimes feel suffocating. Ironically, my last post was on 'creating a daily routine'. Needless to say, there is nothing really exciting going on in quarantine. We're over the honeymoon phase so it's going to be a matter of introducing a new moment into our day to make it feel less monotonous.

Here are five things I chose to do to make quarantine today feel less mundane:

#1: Change it up!

When I think of this, a typical change up would mean taking a different route in the morning to get in the office or a change of outfit style, or even visiting a different cafe for morning coffee. Here - with not much that we can switch around...I know changing something in our daily routine would make it feel less like, well, a routine.

So today, I chose being out in the balcony for longer just reading and listening to music, soaking in the Vitamin D that Gabe claims to 'boost my mood'. He's not wrong, it beats staying in the same environment all day. Gabe spent most of today out, reading and working on his laptop, officially starting his first day at work tomorrow! Happy First Day, Gabby!

got sum' sunshine on ma face

#2: Read a new book

That's a new book I'm reading above. Nothing like a fresh read. Simultaneously 'bathroom reading' up The Pants of Perspective - how apt it is about "what a woman believes herself to be capable of. It is a coming-of-age story which will lead you on a roller coaster ride through fear, vulnerability, courage and failure". Reading on the toilet is my thang.

#3 Listen to a podcast

I've never been big on podcasts, the same way 'audible' doesn't work for me. I find it difficult having to put down everything to concentrate on listening to one person speak into my ears for an hour or so. But, on this note of adopting new habits or on trying something new... I'll gamely give this another go.

Turns out there are plenty of podcasts catering to different interests. I wouldn't know what to be searching for but how coincidental is it that Brené Brown came on the Ellen show a few days back promoting her new podcast.

I know this woman! Watched her special on Netflix and walked away thinking she was quite BRILL - introducing me to the concept of "stepping into the arena". She preaches about what it means to be vulnerable and how we can learn to be comfortable with our fears while discovering joy. It's a powerful reminder for me to be courageous and how I can face my fears head-on. So, I try.

#4: Organising luggage

Putting it out here - I love organising / organisation! Labelling files and storing same category items excite me. Our things have been scattered across four checked luggage, and it bothers me that I don't know where things belong because 'everything has a place and there is a place for everything'.

Today I found out that we're missing a coaster. Ohno! They belong as a PAIR, so having one is as good as not having it. Gabe patronises me saying "does this mean we have to throw it away?" Hoping it's just somewhere to be discovered when we truly unpack.

While I am SUPER GRATEFUL this manner of packing is what got our things here, it's time to reorganise!

yay! neatly organised by clothing-type, with space to boot!

#5 Watch Sunday Mass

Watching the mass is a good thing, not only because it reminds me to be a good Catholic but because it feels familiar and is actually different from passively watching a movie or a sitcom. It's knowing no matter how far away we are, the mass happens weekly (actually daily) and it's always in the.same.format. #comforted

I know we can't switch it up everyday, and some days (like yesterday) is going to be hard and dreary. The routine is still going to be here over the next six days; nurses will be coming round with their blood pressure machines and temperature checks, the twice-daily knock on-the-door and phone calls for signs of symptoms and brown bags are still going to be delivered to us. We're not going to quit dancing, practicing yoga, blogging... and for Gabe - crushing his run records. Looks like he's managed so far to keep to his 500m daily increase:

While I went on to 'kick it' (its song title) with K-pop boy band, NCT 127 (who are they?!)

After that intense rehearsal, we decided to order in CHAINEESE today. Mmm, nothing like comfort food to really switch things up. Dinner, of course, made me happy - it's a mood lifter fo'sho because it gives me a feeling of being in control, which is not the case in quarantine.

Mixed greens, stir-fried beef flat noodles(?) and fried rice w duck, apparently

Dinner was enjoyed over one of our favourite Disney/Pixar movies:

Hard not to love these machines. It's incredible how alive these characters are.

So, it's 9.48pm here now, thinking I'd video call family or someone close to have more interaction with another human other than Gabe, break the monotony before we end off the night in bed with another episode of 'Top Chef'.

Hoping to still find something 'new' in the everyday of our remaining days here in quarantine so please give us your suggestions, if any :)


Maybe what made last Friday (21 May) so interesting was because I had activities booked in. Having that gives me something to look forward to, whether it's a video call with friends or family, a yoga or meditation session. Let me know if you're available, you'd be the highlight of my day.

A hopeful day eight check ✅

Update @ 11.43pm: had video calls with parents & Lexus, Jude & his parents, grandma & the hou-gang so that was pretty sweet to say the least!

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