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T-minus 14 - Timing Is A Bitch

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Timing is everything and timing is a bitch.

I've said this many times, whether to myself or to my friends. The first time I heard it was on HIMYM but used in a slightly different context. The original goes,

If you have chemistry, you only need one other thing: timing. But timing's a bitch.

I'd admit it's not the best show to be quoting from, but it's hard not to when you've watched the series enough times to know who says what and when in which episode. Quiz me on HIMYM and I'll bet you'd be #mindblown.

But my point of concentration here is "bad timing". I think bad timing comes in people's way so often that it could really ruin lives.

What is bad timing? Outside of a dating/love context; when you're on a 7-hr coach ride to Malaysia with no toilets in sight and a sudden need to pee? When you need a haircut for a date and your hairdresser's on leave? Okay this is starting to sound more like poor planning, but what about when you're leaving the country and tragedy strikes?

Like they say, when it rains, it pours. Given the slew of bad news lately, you wonder why timing is such a bitch. In a series of not-so-great-news,

  1. Parents' of friends and people we know have just passed away

  2. Good friend is diagnosed with cancer

  3. Grandpa is passing away

  4. Dad's job is at risk

  5. My cholesterol is up

  6. We're leaving in 13 days.

It's said in one of Gabe's entries that everything boils down to perspective, and I'm a believer of that. Choosing to focus on the above would seem bad, but I don't want to miss the 'silver linings' and looking at all the good that's also happening around me/us.

For one, it turns out that I AM PROTECTED FROM CERVICAL CANCER. Yay 26-year-old me, good job in being a responsible adult! For those who have read my previous post and not yet booked yourself in for the Gardasil 9 vaccine, shame on you! Shame on your doctor! Go and get those jabs, before you turn 45.

Other positive news, the results from my blood tests for all four tumour markers are negative. This is such a huge relief given my history. Am still waiting on the results from my stool and urine sample but am glad for what I've been told so far.

I am attributing high cholesterol to the foods I've been consuming. It's really no joke the number of times we've eaten out and well. What a first world snob problem - gee, I am getting treated to too many meals, boo hoo me. While I am super thankful and very blessed by all the generosity, I think it's getting unhealthy, to a point of unusual to be eating this lavishly out week after week.

Bearing in mind that when you cross 30, you work to stay in shape. That's going to be hard.

Back to looking at positives, we received a specially-baked cake from an ex-colleague and because it's been a rough few weeks, this door-step delivery was a lovely gift and a very timely one. We also have 9 more catch ups (aka kilograms) with people close to me.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, there is a lot of shit happening on top of the move. It has been an intense few months, and classifying them under 'bad timing' because we're leaving is easy. But what's keeping me sane is having perspective - what is a 'better time' anyway?

Will grandpa recover? Will Covid disappear / not have happened, is the economy and job situation going to work its way for us? How long would I stay at Make-A-Wish to be able to say, it's time to leave?

Is timing really a bitch or is there no better time than now?

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