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Week 2 Lockdown: The Good, Bad & The Ugly

Sydney's two week lockdown was scheduled to end on Friday, July 9. Well, it didn't.

New lockdown restrictions for a week long extension

At the rate of new cases (50 yesterday, 77 today), it's likely that the lockdown will be extended beyond the initial extension. That's definitely not great news.

Also, some of the restrictions the government have introduced are pretty mild:

Browsing is not allowed. Whether you are in a supermarket or anywhere else buying essential items, you have to think about before you leave the home, can I get it online? Do I need to leave the house to go shopping? ~ Gladys Berejiklian, NSW Premier

And today's new restriction: From Tuesday 13 July 2021 you must wear a fitted face mask when you are in an indoor area of common property in a residential building. You do not need to wear a mask inside your own apartment.

More like "restrictions". The bright side is that the stories coming out of this lockdown have been pretty amazing. Like this one:

New South Wales police have fined two men for breaching coronavirus restrictions after they were startled by a deer while sunbathing naked on a beach south of Sydney and ran into the bush, becoming lost and needing to be rescued. It is unclear how the deer startled the men, and what made them dash into the bush to escape it.

Because there was a sign language interpreter for this story during the press conference, we now know what the sign is for the most unlikely trio of scenarios to happen one after another:

So it's not been all bad. When we went through circuit breaker back home, we kinda enjoyed it because we had Lexus, our home, family and friends. Going through something similar here minus all of those safety nets, I have to say we're doing pretty alright all things considered.

Here's the good, the bad and the ugly from our second week of lockdown:

The Good

Like the good Australian PRs we are, we stayed in this week which resulted in quite a lot of meals cooked. Also, Sarah was recovering from her sinusitis so we didn't have reason to step out. Let's just take it that as we're law abiding PRs.

This week's Best Home Cooked Meal: Cream Chicken Penne Pasta

This week's Best Take Out Meal: Simulation Senpai

We also purchased a humidifier this week (More Sarah than me). And it's awesome!

It never crossed our minds to get this probably because we come from the most naturally humid country in the world? Anyway, this has been a life saver and we bought a second one to place in our room so we don't have to shuttle this fella in and out of our room everyday.

Sarah also made a full recovery from her slight illness this week so go her! Now I actively discourage her from any outdoor physical activity because of her last post here.

Where do ducks live? Duxton.


The Bad

Moving on to the bad (even though there really isn't any but because I titled this entry, I have to make this work). Here goes.

Lexus & Jude enjoying a car ride together

This is obviously bad because it's 1) Dangerous; 2) Makes us miss them both. Therefore, this is bad. On the bad scale of 13, I give this an 9.3.

Also, Lexus is getting fat.

You know what else has been bad this week? The weather. Which has been pretty gloomy with the constant rain. Look at this:

This chart is also bad! Like 12 out of 13 on the bad scale bad.

Look what the rainy weather gives us at the end of the day. A pink sunset! TOO. MUCH. PINK. On the bad scale, I give this sunset a 3.2 for being not perfectly golden orange.

A special mention for bad things this week needs to go to this show we've been watching called Chic & Cosy which can be found on Toggle.

Here's what the show is about:

In Singapore, space is a valuable commodity. But not every homeowner knows what to do with it. This is where Chic & Cozy — produced by Michelle Chong (yes, that Michelle Chong) — comes in. Gold 905’s Mike Kasem offers property virgins some practical interior design tips as host and consultant. (Pssst, Kasem once worked in construction in the US, so he knows what he’s talking about.)

Here's what we say the show is about:

The cringiest Singaporeans you can ever imagine get taken around by Mike Kasem, who clearly regrets his choice to host this show, to three tiny and ridiculously priced flats in Singapore which ends with them selecting one though it's not clear if they are buying it or just saying that's their preference. Don't miss the cringe moments in between!

This is a such a classic Channel 5 TV programme that's just so painful to watch that just you have to watch it. Sarah and I have decided to carefully ration the 10 precious episodes on Toggle for as long as we can.

On the bad scale, this easily gets a high 12 out of 13.

A glimpse of it's cringe glory

On TV shows, we've been binge watching The Office which has been pretty great. We're at Season 5 now and we only started watching it maybe a week or two back.

This is a double bad scenario because we're binge watching and because we're binge watching, we'll finish the series really soon. Bad scale rating: 5.6 out of 13.

The Ugly

Moving on to the ugly. We stepped out today proper for some exercise at a nearby park. First time in a week since we went out and boy was it ugly.

Okay it wasn't ugly at all. Everything was pretty great with the cool weather and open space. Much needed fresh air to end the week and recharge us up for the coming week.

Took a short trip after to Chinatown to pick up dinner since no dine-ins are allowed. One benefit to lockdown is that we get to try any restaurant we want to since there are no queues so that's kinda great.

The Malaysian food was pretty legit. We've also come to accept the ugly prices that come with these dishes as well (A successful link back to The Ugly!).

I get the feeling that the ugly bits will emerge this week when we see the Sydney Covid cases hit all time highs, new restrictions kick in, lockdown gets extended, another week without much social interaction and we're have no other option but to ride it out.

Even with all that ugliness on the horizon, I'm still extremely thankful that we're here. To have made this move together with Sarah and to see how blessed we are in many ways and having her as a great partner through every up and down. As I told Sarah during our park walk today:

Me: I'm glad we took up this opportunity to move and experience a major life change. Her: Duh la.

Like I said, a great partner. Onwards to week 3 of lockdown in Sydney!

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